NH Marriage License Info Made Easy!

NH Marriage License Info Made Easy!

With all the details involved in planning a wedding it can be easy to overlook one of the most important ones and that is obtaining a marriage license.  Below is everything you need to know about filing in New Hampshire including how early you can apply and also the costs associated with it.

Out-of-State or In-State

Anyone wishing to get married in New Hampshire must complete a New Hampshire Marriage License Application form and file it with ANY City or Town Clerk regardless of their place of residence.

Click here to view New Hampshire Marriage License Application

Once the marriage license is issued, the couple is free to marry within any city or town in the State of New Hampshire.

Marriage License Application Process

  • Both individuals must appear at the same time in the Office of the City Clerk. Exceptions made for active duty military.
  • When completing your marriage license worksheet be sure to fill in every box.  “Person A” on the worksheet is to be completed by the groom and “Person B” is to be completed by the bride.  In the case of a same-sex couple, “Person A” information is to be completed alphabetically by last name.
  • Photo identification is required. Most commonly accepted is a driver’s license or passport.
  • The fee to apply for a marriage license in New Hampshire is $50.00. Payment can be made with cash, check, or a money order to the City or Town where you file.
  • The license is valid for use for 90 days from the date of the application.


All marriages in New Hampshire must be preformed by authorized personal.

After you are married wait seven (7) to ten (10) days before applying for a copy of your marriage certificate with the City or Town you received your license from.   Cost is generally $15 for the certificate.

Upon entering marriage, each party must indicate on the marriage license worksheet the party’s name after marriage.  Either party may retain or change his or her surname to the surname of the other party.  Changed surnames may be a hyphenated combination of both surnames.  If a party requests a surname change on the marriage license worksheet that party may also change his or her middle name to his or her surname prior to the marriage.

Hope this removes some of the mystery from the process! I recommend applying for it right around the 90 day mark so you are sure not to forget it.  If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me at jessica@jessicamartinevents.com.