How Instagram can help you start to Plan your Event

How Instagram can help you start to Plan your Event

First off, if you are reading this and not currently using Instagram… START NOW!

Instagram is a social networking app made for sharing photos and videos from a smartphone. Like most social sites you create a profile, connect with friends, and create updates or “posts.” What makes Instagram unique from other sites is that you MUST have a photo or a video attached or you cannot post.

Like Twitter, Instagram allows you to use a hashtag (#) to categorize your post allowing it to be easily searched by other Instagram users. Note: Facebook has this feature too but it isn’t as well developed. This hashtag feature is one reason why Instagram is so great for event planning; it allows the planner to search for a hashtag and find photos/vendors that they can then reach out to.

An example would be; “A wedding client that wants a DJ that also offers photo booth services for their wedding in New Hampshire.” An Instagram savvy DJ will have posted photos of their photo booth at a wedding and use hashtags like: #nhphotobooth #nhdj #nhweddingdj #nhevents #newenglandweddings #mainephotobooth #mainedj

These hashtags will categorize the photo and make it easily found for a planner or potential client. By using this search feature, you get a glimpse of their services and then can click on to their profile and website.

A tip to business “hashtaggers” would be to always include some sort of location identifier in your post. This saves searchers from the disappointment of loving your business photo and then realizing you are not located in their area. Also, use neighboring States in your hashtag especially if you are willing to travel to provide services.

Another great thing about Instagram with regards to Event Planning is that you can tag the venue where a photo is taken. This allows searchers to see what others have done at a venue in way of design or setup. That helps to get the creative juices flowing and maybe even helps to see “what not to do.”