Things to Do After You Get Married

Things to Do After You Get Married

Congratulations! You’re married! Take a deep breath because it’s not quite over yet. You’re almost done, but there are just a few more things to take care of. Here is a short list of things to do after you get married.

Make Sure Someone is Handling all the Leftover Wedding Details

Unfortunately, the wedding doesn’t quite stop once it’s over. Typically, someone needs to handle the cleanup, though having a wedding planner (like me!) can make this easier. Often someone will take any wedding gowns and make sure they are dropped off to be cleaned while the you’re on your honeymoon. If you had a friend or family member officiate the wedding, remind them to take care of the marriage license. It’s all the little stuff.

Relax a Little

It can feel a little strange after you get married. For one thing, you just married someone, and that’s huge. But you also just planned a massive event for a lot of people. You’ll no longer be sending several emails a week or worrying about when you need to pay a vendor. You’ll have more time, and it will feel weird. Take that time to relax and adjust. This can be a honeymoon or a Netflix binge with your new spouse. Take that time to be a happy new couple.

Handle all the Legal Stuff

This can mean different things for different people. If anyone is changing their name, they’ll need things like a new license and social security card. They’ll also need to update people like their bank and doctor. You’ll need to get your marriage license, so you can update anything necessary like health insurance. Don’t forget to update your W-4s for tax time. Basically, update everything.

Figure Out How You’re Going to Combine Finances

Even if you were already living together, odds are your finances aren’t completely merged yet. This is especially important since you may have just gotten several checks as congratulations for getting married. If you’re unsure how to start, resources like Mint can help you figure out your new financial reality.

Send Out Your Thank You Notes

This is a big one. You’ve gotten all of these cards and gifts, and now you have to send out a thank you card for every single one of them. My biggest tip is not do them all at once. Start right away, but do them in batches, like three to five thank you cards a day. If you get gifts before the wedding, the customary thing to do is send a thank you card a week or two after. For gifts and cards given at the wedding, you generally want to send out thank you cards within three months.

Review Your Vendors

Reviews and referrals are a vendor’s lifeblood. If your vendor did a great job and you want to help them, a referral is the best way to go. It doesn’t take too much time, and it’s even easier if you found your vendors on a website like The Knot.

After you get married, the most important thing is to give yourself a break. You deserve it. Just make sure you don’t neglect all the necessary post-wedding paperwork.

Did I miss anything? Comment below with your post-wedding list!

Blog by: Erin Lafond